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The mission will cover the initial concept of a clandestine raider operation, the ship, recruitment of the crew, training and initial deployment.

Mission Group Letters of Marque and Reprisal
Start Date 31 Dec 1969 @ 7:00pm

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Title Timeline Location
The Consortium - Time for action
by Marcus Bardin & Sergey Azarov
6 Months ago Planet Jouret IV - Personal Residence of Sergey Azarov, Chairman and Founder “Trans-Stellar Consolidated Mining Corporation”

Mission Summary

Some members will have to endure having their careers ruined, being dishonorably discharged and disgraced.
Captain Thao Nyguen, of SFI will be the recruiter and Mission Director, and along with his very small team, the crew's only official contact with Starfleet. He recruits Tannhauser by revealing information that his daughter is not dead, but was taken alive by the House of Mo'Kai during the raid that killed his parents.

Once the crew is assembled the B'rel be prepared at an abandoned mining facility, in an out of the way system, where the crew will be trained and based. Due to its age and condition the ship will have several problems and the crew will have to deal with these on a regular basis.

During this first mission the ship will nicknamed the "Qu'AnR" a play on Blackbeard's "Queen Anne's Revenge"

One of the few upgrades is to the medical facilities and EMH, which can be used to create the crew's Klingon personas from time to time. (DS9 Apocalypse Rising) this will enable them to carry out undercover/infiltration missions against the Mo’Kai disguised as Klingons.

After training the ship and crew will be turned loose.

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