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The Qu'Anr - "The Queen Anne's Revenge"The B'Rel Class Bird-of-Prey is warship utilized by the Klingon Defense Forces from the late 23rd century into the late 24th century.
This type of craft, initially descended from its counterpart from a century earlier, was one of the most versatile warships employed by the Empire, serving a variety of mission roles, including that of a scout, raider, patrol ship, and cruiser.

By the 2360s, it was not uncommon to find a B'rel-class Bird-of-Prey stripped and relegated to a surplus yard.
For nearly a century, the Bird-of-Prey proved to be a rugged, sturdy design that saw continuous use, in that they were much like their Federation counterparts the Excelsior- and Miranda-class starships, whose usefulness out-lived contemporaries such as the Constitution-class cruiser.
Despite the age of the Bird-of-Prey design by the 2370s, the ships fought valiantly during the Dominion War and featured in every battle of the conflict. Though the Bird-of-Prey design had been in service for nearly one hundred years, constant upgrades ensured that the ships were still a powerful and capable front-line warship.

In the hands of a seasoned and aggressive commander, a Bird-of-Prey could engage multiple Dominion fighters and expect to come out victorious. They were considered much more agile than K't'inga-class cruisers, allowing them to be better suited for some tasks. (DS9: "Call to Arms", "Once More Unto the Breach")

In general, the firepower of a Klingon Bird-of-Prey varied by ship and era. During the 2280s, a Bird-of-Prey was said to be "out-gunned, ten to one" by a Constitution-class battle cruiser. The Bird-of-Prey was considered to be "no match" for the Federation's Galaxy-class during the latter 24th century; the Bird-of-Prey was also significantly inferior to the Federation's Defiant-class as well.
Despite this the Bird-of-Prey proved more than a match for several other contemporary vessels, including the Empire's very own Vor'cha-class cruiser, as was demonstrated at the outbreak of the Klingon Civil War, when two Birds-of-Prey were nearly successful in defeating a Vor'cha class in an ambush attack, before being repelled by a third Bird-of-Prey.

The Bird-of-Prey also proved to be very successful against the Dominion's Jem'Hadar fighters. On more than one occasion during the Klingon-Cardassian War and Dominion War, Bird-of-Prey commanders successfully engaged and defeated Jem'Hadar fighters. As seen many times throughout the Dominion War, the twin primary disruptor canons on the wings of the vessel were extremely effective against Jem'Hadar fighters, and could destroy one in as few as three shots.

At least two tractor beam emitters were located on the ventral sections of the Bird-of-Prey, specifically on the "head", behind and below the torpedo launcher, and between the wings, below and in front of the impulse engines.
Birds-of-Prey were capable of atmospheric operations as well as landing on most planetary surfaces as they were equipped with landing struts Birds-of-Prey also came equipped with a retractable loading ramp in the rear just behind the tractor emitter for crew members to enter or exit while the ship was landed, or to load or unload cargo.